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Improving access to dental implant treatment

To help more people access treatment to permanently replace missing teeth, DENTSPLY Implants - the UKís leading supplier of dental implants - is building a unique nationwide public campaign. Goodbye Gaps aims to provide free initial consultations for one million potential dental implant patients.

In partnership with dentists around the country, the availability of information about implant treatment is being increased, through national and local, online and print media. Prospective dental implant patients can then access a free exploratory consultation with one of hundreds of participating clinics. Your appointment can be arranged direct with an implant dentist, using the form in the right hand column of this website, or by visiting a participating general practitioner (GDP).

In case your own dentist hasnít mentioned implants, we are developing a new online directory so that you can find out which local general dental practices are part of the Goodbye Gaps programme. In the meantime, you can find plenty of implant dentists to choose from on this website, using the tools in the left hand column of this page, or simply enter your postcode below.


Why is a major public initiative needed?

More than 95 percent of people with missing teeth in the UK don't have direct access to a dentist who can provide implant treatment. That's because fewer than ten percent of dentists have undergone the necessary additional training to achieve the extra clinical competence to place dental implants. Meanwhile, around 50 percent of adults are reckoned not to visit the dentist regularly.

For the half of the population who have a regular dentist, it's often no easier to find out about dental implants and obtain the treatment. Many dental practitioners who don't place implants themselves don't have enough knowledge and confidence to fully explain the benefits, process and costs to their patients. They are often uneasy about referring a patient with whom they have a longstanding relationship to another dentist for implant treatment.

Many dentists still view teeth implants as a treatment of last resort, only to be considered when all other options have been exhausted. In fact, both clinically and economically, dental implants can often be the best option for replacing missing teeth, depending on patient's oral health and individual circumstances.

Find out more about dental implants

FREE exploratory consultation

Most of the clinics listed on this website offer a FREE exploratory consultation for prospective implant patients. The discussion can help you consider the options for treating your dental problems and decide whether to proceed to the next stage.

The initial consultation only takes about 15 minutes and does not involve a clinical examination.

It enables you to visit a local competent local dentist, discuss how dental implants can help, find out about the costs and ask questions about the treatment process.

Once you have decided that you want tooth implant treatment, the next step is a clinical consultation. This includes an oral examination and clinical assessment, from which a costed individual plan is produced for your treatment.

Dentists usually charge a fee for the clinical consultation, but some refund the cost when you proceed with the treatment. If you need help with funding the treatment, most practices can also arrange finance (subject to personal circumstances).

Arrange a FREE initial exploratory consultation

Tooth implants from your own general dentist

With very little extra clinical training, most general dental practitioners (GDPs) can offer the initial consultation and start proving the restorations on top of the implants. This can include the provision of single crowns, multiple tooth bridges and full arch bridges or overdentures.

The patient is referred by their general dentist to the practice’s surgical partner for implant placement. Once the implant surgery has been completed, the final restoration is provided by the patient’s own GDP. Thereafter, the patient remains with their general practice for routine dental care.

Working in partnership with an implant clinic for the surgical phase, your dentist may be able to provide you with tooth implants to replace missing natural teeth. Ask your dentist to get in touch with DENTSPLY Implants via this website to find out about the Goodbye Gaps campaign and GDP implant restoration.

General Dentists:
Learn to restore dental implants
If you are a general dental practitioner and you would like to learn how to restore dental implants for your own patients, click here to find out about the DENTSPLY Implants ‘R£LAX’ programme.
View a calendar of local ‘R£LAX’ events.
Restorative Dentists:
Join the Goodbye Gaps campaign
If you are a general dentist who restores implant cases, you may be able to join the Goodbye Gaps campaign. This will enable you to offer the treatment to more local patients, in partnership with a participating implant surgery clinic.
Get in touch, and find out more about the Goodbye Gaps campaign
Implant Dentists:
Join DENTSPLY Implants
Work in partnership with DENTSPLY Implants to improve patient information and access to dental implant treatment in your area.
Get in touch with DENTSPLY Implants
Implant Patients:
Tell your story
If you have already benefitted from dental implant treatment, you may be able to help other people with missing teeth. Why not tell your story on this website, to encourage others to consider dental implants.
Go to My Story - Patient Feedback
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"Over the longer term, implants are usually a more cost-effective and satisfactory option".

British Dental Health Foundation patient information leaflet

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