• “Following my treatment I am going forward with renewed confidence.”

    PATIENT OF : Dr Jeremy Woodcock Dental Excellence

  • I was putting up with dentures because I was so worried about having more dental treatment.  I was told that Dr Colin Neil could give me sedation during surgery and I got my fixed implant teeth.  I can now eat, smile, laugh and even kiss with confidence again. This has been truly life transforming, thank you to Dr Neil and your professional, caring team”.  

    PATIENT OF : Dr Colin Neil Confident Dental Care & Implant Centre

  • “I cannot thank you and your team enough for the treatment that I have received which has been first class at all times.  Since having dental implants I am able to smile properly for the first time in years which is all thanks to you for your skill and dedication.  I have become more confident since having implants and only have one major regret which is that I should have done this years ago.”

    PATIENT OF : Dr Allan Pirie Clifton Implant Clinic

  • “May I place on record how delighted I am with my implants?  Now they are finally in place, I feel as if they have always been there.  I am now able to chew my food more thoroughly than I have been able to for quite some time.  I have to say I have never experienced any pain or discomfort during or after treatment sessions.  So, my grateful thanks for your care and professionalism."

    PATIENT OF : Dr Auriel Gibson Netherton Dental Practice

  • "My missing teeth caused me severe embarrassment. I wanted to get married and worried about the photographs.My dentist placed4 dental implants in upper jaw. The procedure was explained to me at each stage of the treatment. The team were kind and considerate and very professional - I felt I was in good hands.

    I am a different person following the treatment! I no longer hold my hand over my mouth when I speak or smile. I was married shortly afterwards and the photos were perfect. For myself personally, it has been life changing I am far more confident in my everyday life. I love to smile now!"

    Richard Corcoran, Redhill

    PATIENT OF : Dr Sven Th. Sorensen The Clinic Dental Facial

  • "I am writing to thank you so much for the very professional job done in fitting my dental implant. I expected to experience some pain and discomfort but was pleasantly surprised. Following the loss of a tooth near the front of my mouth and subsequently wearing a denture which I could not get on with, I feel like I have my life back again since having the dental implant and crown fitted. It is very comfortable and feels like one of my own teeth. I would thoroughly recommend this procedure to anyone."

    PATIENT OF : Quaintways Cottage Dental Practice

  • I had a decaying tooth which could not be treated so was extracted.  Rather than have an unsightly gap I invested in an implant despite being aged over 70. I now possess a line of even visible teeth from which the implant cannot be detected.

    B N J Speed, Buckingham

    PATIENT OF : Dr Christopher P Wood The Old Rectory Dental Practice

  • ‘Dental implant treatment gave me my life back’

    Caroline smiles and laughs a lot.  To anyone who meets her now, she is an outgoing, confident lady.  Read more...

  • "I had had a bridge on my front teeth for a number of years and in August last year it broke. I went for an emergency appointment to my dentist at The Old Rectory Practice in Newton Purcell, only to be told that a new bridge was now impractical as the teeth supporting it were not strong enough any more and I was referred to Chris Wood for implants.

    Being very nervous of this procedure, Chris guided me through every step of the way. Two teeth were removed and the roots of two others, and two plugs were inserted into the gum to see if they would be accepted. A temporary denture was then fitted while we waited to see if the bone would accept all this. After a few weeks the posts were screwed in and a temporary bridge fitted. I then had to wait for the implants to be made. At the end of it all, these implants look and feel like my real teeth. At no time was I in any pain whatsoever, and Chris was at the end of the phone if I needed him.

    I am now not afraid of eating and chewing normally and it has been worth the wait and money to look normal again. I would have no hesitation in recommending Chris and his team for the professional care received."

    Tony Walton,Bicester, Oxfordshire

    PATIENT OF : The Old Rectory Dental Practice

  • "I had unsightly broken teeth and found it difficult to chew. I had two dental implants in my lower jaw. I am thrilled with them. They look good. They feel very natural and I can now eat an apple with confidence - something I have not been able to do for a very long time."

    Maureen Power

    PATIENT OF : Dr Steve Larcombe St Lawrence House Dental Practice

  • A perfectly good back tooth fractured down into the root on a piece of bone left in a canteen mince meat dish and had to be removed. This left a chewing gap at the back of my mouth. Kia was recommended by my old dentist and was able to see me straight away, advising I needed to wait until the gum had healed a bit. With a small mouth and being right at the back it was difficult to get to. I had 3D scans and Kia talked me through and was available at any time to answer any queries or concerns - I have had no dental work before and his professional but friendly manner gave me confidence and put me at ease. The follow up checks and attention has been second to none with nothing too much trouble. I have been able to chew and feel whole again while knowing that there is someone there to help if anything were to be needed."

    Caroline Clark

    PATIENT OF : 40 Harley Street Group Practice

  • "I had a bridge at the front of my upper jaw which was giving me problems and the teeth to which the bridge was attached had become unsound. In addition I had two teeth in my lower jaw that needed extracting.

    It was recommended that I have the bridge and the teeth in my upper jaw removed with the exception of one tooth in either side of my jaw which would be root filled and then ground off flush with the gum. The purpose of this was to stabilise the jaw shape in preparation for an implanted denture.  Dental implants were placed into position in my upper gum and after a period of time these were used to form the foundation for my denture. The two teeth in the lower jaw were removed and replaced by implanted teeth. The denture was made and fitted and great care was taken to ensure that the fit was perfect and comfortable.

    I did not like the idea of having a denture at all and during the process of completing all the work involved and to ensure that I was never without teeth a conventional denture was provided. The implanted denture was so much more comfortable. There really is no comparison, there is nothing to show that gives away the fact that one has a denture and it feels so firm and secure. I have only had the denture for three weeks but I have got so used to it that I have complete confidence in it and it is so very comfortable."

    John Snape, Ampfield, Hampshire

    PATIENT OF : St Lawrence House Dental Practice

  • "I had a cantilever bridge that had to be removed due to the back teeth holding it showing signs of decay. I had an implant fitted to fill a front tooth space. Then I decided to have a back implant fitted after the success of the first one as I disliked wearing a plate for the rear teeth.

    No one knows that my front tooth is not mine as the match is amazing! The rear implant has meant I do not have to wear a plate."

    Stephanie Palmer, Kidlington, Oxford

    PATIENT OF : Dr Christopher P Wood The Old Rectory Dental Practice

  • "I'd had tried bridges, but after several gum problems, it had got to the point that I only had four good teeth remaining. I went to Dental Confidence to discuss having a full set of implants - and I am so glad I did. They have changed the whole way I feel about myself. It has now been seven years since I had them fitted.

    As soon as the implants were placed, I felt liberated and confident. Now, people have no idea I have implants, they just assume I have good teeth.

    The customer service at Dental Confidence couldn't be better. They are so helpful with any questions or problems, and the aftercare is wonderful. I trust them implicitly. They offer all the advice, help and support you need and are all such a warm and friendly team.

    I was also so impressed with Dr Sanders' technical ability. He really is a first class dentist. His ability to make teeth, not only look nice, but to fit and work perfectly to suit each person, is amazing.

    I'm absolutely delighted with my teeth. I feel attractive again. At the time of having implants it may seem expensive, but really, over time you reduce your dental bills - and it's not long before you've caught up - so it pays off in the long run!"

    Anna Collings, Cornwall

    PATIENT OF : Dr Peter Sanders Dental Confidence

  • "After suffering a heart attack in 2012 I came home and my grandaughter jumped on me and broke my front tooth. I went to 32Whites and they did an emergency repair. After a long consultation I decided to go ahead with an implant.

    I had to have a bone graph first and then 6 months later I had the implant fitted. It gave me back my confidence and it was just as good as having my original tooth."

    John Dyson, Greater Manchester

    PATIENT OF : Dr Ian Wellings 32 Whites Dental Care

  • "I am nearly 65 years old and had a terrific fear of dentists - I could cry just knowing I had to go. The teeth in my lower jaw were becoming loose and having no option went to another dentist who said at my age what did I expect and my jaw bone would not hold my teeth and they would all fall out and I would have to have a denture. I was devastated.

    I phoned around and went to see a number of dentists about implants. I was about to give up - one more phone call I was lucky enough to phone Alan at the Billericay branch and what a difference. I told him the problem and he was so positive, light hearted and friendly for the first time I felt more confident.

    They scan all patients at their Harold Wood branch where I met Andrew. What a good job. I had a cyst in my jaw bone which had eaten a hole through the bone and made matters more complicated as it had exposed the nerves in my face and I could not have a bone implant but all the time Alan and Andrew were still confident they could help me.

    I told them I was scared out of my brains and they promised me that I would not feel any pain through the procedure which took 5 hours and 40 minutes.

     My lower teeth were extracted

     Titanium frame made and fitted in the mouth

     Titanium acrylic bridge fitted

     Implants placed immediately

    All this work was carried out on the same day and I walked out with a full lower set of teeth. Alan and Andrew were true to their word, I had no pain not only during but after the procedure.

    The aftercare had been absolutely fantastic. I consider I am one of the most critical people around and I cannot fault the care and attention I have received. I cannot thank Alan and Andrew enough. Not once did they mention my age nor my vanity as an oap - they have taken away my fear of dentists."

    Sue, Romford, Essex

    PATIENT OF : Dr Andrew Fennell Winning Smiles

  • "One of my lower left rear teeth had to be removed due to an abscess. I managed with a gap for thirty years, although the opposing tooth became slightly erupted.

    I then lost the adjacent tooth due to a root fracture. With a two teeth gap on the lower left, I would no longer be able to eat using that side of my mouth. I didn't want to wear a denture. A bridge would have damaged the adjacent healthy teeth.

    I had two implants placed by Dr Peter Sanders of Dental Confidence in Southampton. The procedure was fairly quick and only slight uncomfortable, not really painful at all.

    A two teeth bridge was fitted on top of the implants three months later. I can now eat completely normally on both sides of my mouth. I have to think back carefully to remember which ones are the implants and which are my natural teeth."

    Brian Williams, Marlborough, Wiltshire

    PATIENT OF : Dr Peter Sanders Dental Confidence

  • "The procedure was surprisingly easy; more comfortable than having the teeth removed. The finished implants and crowns look and feel like my own teeth, only better".

    PATIENT OF : Egan Dental Centre

  • “I can honestly say that I have never been happier about my appearance. The professional, caring attitude that I have received from every member of the team, confirms that my first impression was correct.  Thank you for giving me back my smile and my confidence.”

    PATIENT OF : Dr Ian Bellamy Aquae Sulis Dental Practice

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  • "As a patient of Ocean Dental I recently had three implants and three crowns. This was carried out in a most professional, sympathetic manner and was completely painless throughout. I was so embarrassed to smile and now I can smile broadly and laugh heartily with total confidence. My mouth looks like that of the girl I once was and I feel like a young girl again! What a boost to my morale! I am totally delighted with the results and would recommend dental implants without hesitation."

    PATIENT OF : Ocean Dental

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  • "I am writing to express my complete satisfaction with the extensive work you carried out on my teeth.
    After 50 years of being ashamed of my gaps and more recently experiencing difficulty eating steaks and other tough foods, I can now eat anything and smile too!
    Throughout the process I found you reassuring, informative and skilful.
    In sum, I would recommend you without reservation."

    PATIENT OF : Dr Edward M Boursin Bath Dental Excellence

  • “Thank you, Dr Glover for your care and attention during the implant treatment. Your clear explanations meant that I was prepared and reassured during the whole process, which went smoothly. I am delighted with the result. The implants look and feel absolutely natural - definitely something to smile about !”

    PATIENT OF : Dr Robert Glover York Dental Implant Centre

  • “I wish to express my immense satisfaction with the care given to me by Dr Byfield. He has a manner that makes one feel instantly at ease.  I had a great amount of reconstructive care and felt I was treated by an extremely knowledgeable professional.”

    PATIENT OF : Dr Steve Byfield The Raglan Suite

  • The whole team was wonderful and supportive. I am so pleased with the end result, and it was definitely worth it to have my smile back. Sam

    PATIENT OF : Dr Jonathan Kennair Bamford Dental Practice

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  • “Sachin has been my dentist for several years. Having five implants and bridge work was one of the best decisions of my life. I had hesitated for several years, but Sachin reassured me and explained the procedures in detail. The implants are perfect, and it is wonderful to receive many comments from friends and family on how fine my teeth look.  I highly recommend Surrey Dental Specialists, Sachin is very professional and at the same time kind and understanding, I found his staff friendly and welcoming.”

    PATIENT OF : Dr Sachin Varma Surrey Dental Specialists

  • 'Everything was explained so thoroughly and I felt reassured that I was in hands that I could trust. I took the option of sedation so my memory of the procedure is not there, it was really easy with no discomfort, in fact it didn’t seem like a procedure at all. I was also very impressed with the aftercare. I’m not restricted in anything I eat; it’s so straightforward and is literally like having your own teeth.'

    PATIENT OF : Smiles Better

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  • “I had some gaps for many years and I was very scared of dentists until I met Touraj. He made me feel comfortable during the consultation and therefore I decided to proceed with the treatment. Thanks to him and his team I can smile with confidence again.”

    PATIENT OF : Dr Touraj Razavi Parrys Lane Dental Practice

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  • “My new teeth have changed my life. I can now eat anything and am able to enjoy a nice steak, something I haven’t been able to do for years. It’s also been good for my general confidence, as I no longer have to hide my teeth when I smile.  If you’re thinking about having dental implants, I have no hesitation in recommending Dr Balaji for his excellent treatment.”

    PATIENT OF : Dr Selvaraj Balaji The Gallery Dental & Implant Centre

  • “Mark Robotham has carried out implant surgery for me on four separate occasions over the past seven years and I cannot speak too highly of his expertise and professionalism.He and his team ensured that on each occasion the surgery was carried out in a reassuring and considerate manner, with every step of the process clearly explained”.

    PATIENT OF : Dr Mark Robotham Kensington Court Clinic

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  • “It is now approx nine months since I had dental implants fitted at your surgery and I am absolutely thrilled with the results and have had no problems whatsoever.  The procedure went precisely to plan and was clearly described by Chris Wood.”

    PATIENT OF : Dr Chris Wood Durban Dental Centre

  • Replacing a failed canine


  • 'I am writing to express my appreciation of the service I received from the initial appointment to the final day when I emerged from Worthing Implant Centre with a smile to be proud of. What you said in your literature was true, you recreated a confident smile, and I can honestly say the whole treatment was virtually pain free'

    PATIENT OF : Dr Ross Drybrough Worthing Implant Centre

  • “I was told that the treatment I was considering was life changing, and it is true.  I now feel good about myself, far more self-assured and am no longer embarrassed to smile.  Thanks to Anmol’s expertise the results have exceeded my expectations.”

    PATIENT OF : Dr Anmol Chander The Staines Centre of Dental Excellence