Indistinguishable from real teeth


A female patient was referred by her general dental practitioner in Reading, after her front post crown failed due to a root fracture. She presented wearing a temporary spoon acrylic denture which she wanted to replace.

The treatment plan was to initially assess the root remaining using a CT scan and then ascertain the viability of an immediately placed implant. According to Dr Avik Dandapat, ‘There was sufficient bone structure to extract the root and place an Ankylos implant at the same appointment.’

Dr Dandapat explains, ‘We decided to load this implant on the same day with a temporary crown because the primary stability of the implant in the bone was excellent.’ Four months later, final impressions where taken for a Lava ceramic crown to be placed once the gum tissue had completely healed.

After the treatment the patient was returned to her referring general dentist for routine care. She was delighted at the natural look of the Ankylos supported restoration, which she could not distinguish from her real teeth.


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