Replace all your teeth

Treatment: implant-supported complete arch bridge (fixed or removable)

Loose, uncomfortable or ill-fitting conventional complete dentures can make life very difficult. Common complaints include being unable  to chew properly or eat certain foods or that the plate itself triggers your gag reflex,  Wearers often find they  struggle to speak clearly or smile confidently. Denture paste has to be with you at all times!

If this is something you can relate to, an implant-supported complete arch bridge (fixed or removable) could be a fantastic  solution for you. It looks , feels and functions just like having your natural teeth back again, providing all the support and stability you need without applying any pressure to your gums. You have the choice – either a fixed bridge or a removeable bridge. With a dental implant full bridge, you can throw away your denture paste forever!


Acrylic bridge supported by four ANKYLOS SynCone implants

  • It feels like a fixed solution but you can remove it for very easy cleaning
  • Smaller than dentures and does not cover the roof of your mouth
  • A very cost effective solution for a full jaw of missing teeth
  • It looks just great and can help to re-establish your facial features and restore your smile.
  • You can throw away your denture adhesive!
  • Can be fitted by your general dentist once implants are in place


  • You feel like you have your own teeth back again!
  • No more denture paste or glue
  • Last much longer than dentures
  • Are fixed so they don’t move around in the mouth
  • A high quality option providing confidence and reassurance 


I’m not sure I want to go down this route...

IYou should always seek advice from your dental professional or implant specialist on what treatment solution is right for you.  Instead of an implant-supported complete arch bridge, you could opt for conventional dentures located with two implants. This is the minimum standard of care indicated by the World Health Organisation (WHO) - McGill Consensus 2002, Montreal - for patients with no teeth. 

YYou may want to choose to  continue with complete conventional dentures. However, with the latter option, after a while the bone supporting the gum beneath conventional dentures will shrink due to lack of use. You may already be experiencing some side to side movement of your dentures as a result or find yourself having to apply cement or adhesives to keep them in place on a daily basis. The pressure of chewing could also reduce the blood supply to the gums and accelerate bone shrinkage leading to ongoing impairment of eating and speech.

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