Typical costs for dental implant treatment

Dental implants – the cost-effective option

Dental implants are permanent replacements for missing or failing natural teeth. An implant is simply a replacement for the root of your missing tooth or teeth.

Losing teeth can be very distressing - your teeth affect everything you do, smiling, eating, speaking, your confidence so replacing missing teeth with dental implants is an investment well worth considering.

Dental implants are regarded as the gold standard for replacing missing teeth due to the way they replicate the natural root of the tooth and so the alternatives just don’t come close to this

Other options may seem to be less costly at first, but a 2013 study ‘Evaluating the health economic implications and cost-effectiveness of dental implants' by Vogel, Smith-Palmer and Valentine found that dental implants are a cost-effective way of replacing a single missing tooth.

Implant treatments are a specialist form of dentistry and obviously don’t come under the same price bracket as a filling or a hygienist clean and polish.  However, they can provide a long-term solution for certain dental conditions and can more than pay for themselves over the longer term.

Each and every dental case is different, and there is no fixed price for specific implant treatments. To understand the costs and benefits relevant to your own situation, we recommend you obtain a costed treatment plan from your dental professional or implant specialist. Many also offer monthly finance terms to help spread the cost of treatment.

When you search for a local implant dentist on this site, you will find details of the types of consultation they offer. Many include a free initial consultation, either with the dentist or with a treatment or implant co-ordinator, followed by a more detailed examination and clinical assessment including X-rays and scans at a later date.

You can use the Contact Form to request a consultation from an Implant dentists near you. It is always helpful to give the dentist some details of the type of treatment you are considering e.g. replacing a single tooth.


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