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Address: Dock Road Galway County Galway Ireland (View Map)

Located in Galway city centre, Gate Clinic is a general practice carrying out most kinds of dental treatment including dental implant and restorative dentistry. CAT scan and CAD/CAM facilities with one visit crowns, inlays and veneers are also available.  


Dr Ian Wellings


Dr Ian Wellings has 30 years  of clinical experience in dental implantology.  His aim is to restore total health, function and aesthetics to patients with extreme dental needs.  Having trained and worked with one of the most highly respected pioneers in the field, Dr Wellings is now a clinical tutor at the Tatum Institute in Birmingham, England.    

Patients just beginning to think about dental implant treatment may find it helpful to attend a complimentary preliminary consultation with Dr Paul Moore, the practice principal. This appointment does not include a clinical examination and it only takes 15 minutes.  The discussion will help you consider the options for treating your dental problems and decide whether to proceed to a clinical consultation for implants.  The preliminary consultation is free of charge for visitors enquiring through this website.  Please use the button in the right hand column to request an appointment.

Once you have decided in principle that you want implant treatment, the next step is a clinical consultation.  This includes a comprehensive oral examination and results in production of a fully-costed individual plan for your treatment.  The fee for the clinical assessment, appointment and provision of your personal treatment plan is 200 including X-rays/CT scans.  The cost of the treatment planning consultation is refunded when you proceed with the treatment.

  • Single or multiple implants
  • Sinus graft and bone augmentation
  • Ridge lift
  • Nerve lateralisation
  • Trauma cases
  • Full arch implant solutions
  • Intravenous sedation for nervous patients
  • Aesthetic/cosmetic solutions

Dr Paul Moore provides the final crown, bridge or denture supported by dental implants placed by Dr Ian Wellings.

The practice offers CAT scan facilities, root canal therapy, snap fastener overdentures and wisdom teeth removal as welll as hygienist services and intravenous sedation.


"I am so glad I made the decision to have my implant. With sedation it was painless simple, and the two hour appointment felt like 20 minutes. I was so relaxed and was able to chat though it all. 

The whole team was courteous pleasant and efficient and I would recommend Gate Clinic to friends.

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