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Contemporary Dental is a private practice, set up in 1994 as centre of excellence for Exeter area. It has a core of general practice with particular emphasis on complex restorative, cosmetic and implant dentistry. Referrals have been taken for many years for both non-surgical and surgical cases. Many clients also self refer, both for implant and cosmetic work.

Dr Robert (Bob) W C Brazenall


Bob Brazenall has over 20 years experience placing implants and more than 30 years doing complex prosthodontics. He has lectured and tutored on occlusion, sedation, implantology, practice management and case presentation. He has completed a wide variety of postgraduate training in many disciplines including: prosthodontics, periodontics, orthodontics and sedation. He has also attended many courses, master classes and conferences related to Implantology, both in the UK and abroad.
Bob has been an ADI member since its inception and was FGDP Southwest Chairman (Wessex Group) through the 1990s.

Patients just beginning to think about dental implant treatment may find it helpful to attend a complimentary preliminary consultation with  Dr Brazenall. This appointment does not include a clinical examination and it only takes 15 minutes.  The discussion will help you consider the options for treating your dental problems and decide whether to proceed to a clinical consultation for implants.  The preliminary consultation is free of charge for visitors enquiring through this website.  Please use the button in the right hand column to request an appointment.

Once you have decided in principle that you want implant treatment, the next step is a clinical consultation.  This includes a comprehensive oral examination, and results in production of a fully-costed individual plan for your treatment.  The fee for the clinical assessment appointment and provision of your personal treatment plan is 167 including X-rays.

Anything from advice to complex surgical and restorative rehabilitation. Help with case planning.

  • Sinus augmentations
  • Piezosurgery
  • Block grafts
  • Onlay grafts
  • Ridge splitting
  • Osseogenic distraction
  • Nerve repositioning
  • CAT scanning
  • SimPlant planning (CadCam)

I can't say enough about my 4 dental implants, which have now been in for 2 years.  Bob was able to offer me the expertise and professionalism I needed to sort out my teeth, which I have to say I'm delighted with.  I now have four dental implants and four crowns, which look amazing.  When I explain to people about all the work I've had done, they don't believe it, as they say my teeth look so natural.

"The final outcome was a total success with the implants in place.  All I had hoped for had come to fruition thanks to Bob and his very professional team.

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