More general dental practitioners offering dental implant treatment

Access to life-changing dental implant treatment is getting easier for people with missing teeth across the UK, thanks to the involvement of more general dental practitioners.

In the past, many general dental practitioners have been reluctant to refer patients with missing teeth to an implant dentist for treatment. The situation is now improving because more general dentists are getting involved in the implant procedure. They are carrying out the final restoration of the implant, by attaching the crown, bridge or denture.

The UK’s leading dental implant company, DENTSPLY Implants, is driving the improvement to patient access via their own regular dentist with a nationwide training programme. The benefit for patients is two-fold. They have access to the best treatment option for their missing teeth, as well as the convenience and reassurance of remaining with their own dentist.

General dental practitioners routinely offer conventional bridges or dentures as an option for replacing missing teeth. Although cheaper than dental implants, traditional treatments can cause damage to other teeth, bone and gums. With more general dentists working in partnership with an implant dentist, the best treatment options can be available to all their patients.

Dr Matthew Hollyoak of Woodlands Dental in Lytham St Annes, says, “I enjoy the convenience of having an experienced local colleague who places the implants. This leaves me free to concentrate on the restorative aspects of the case. I plan the treatments and we work as a team to provide the best outcome for the patient.”

Tooth implants are becoming the treatment of choice for those with gaps. Implants are the only permanent replacement available for missing tooth roots and usually a more economical choice over the long term. Benefitting from both the look and feel of natural teeth, dental implants allow people with missing teeth to eat, smile and talk completely naturally.

People without a regular dentist, or whose dentist doesn’t offer a referral to an implant clinic, can still access implant treatment online. The website puts patients in direct contact with their nearest implant dentist, ensuring that everyone can find out how dental implants could help them. Those contacting an implant dentist through dentists4implants are offered a free initial consultation, and £50 discount on every dental implant they have placed.

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