More people to access life changing dental implant treatment

Everyone in the UK with any missing teeth is now able to get direct access to a dentist who can provide life-like replacements using the latest titanium implants. The number of people who could benefit runs into the millions. At least six percent of adults have no teeth at all, almost twenty percent wear dentures and many more have gaps filled by dental bridgework.� A referral from a dentist is no longer necessary, thanks to, a website that links patients directly with their nearest dental implant expert.

Dental implants are replacing bridges, crowns and dentures as the treatment of choice for those with missing teeth. Implants are a permanent replacement for missing tooth roots and a more economical choice over the long term. Benefitting from both the look and feel of natural teeth, dental implants also avoid healthy teeth being filed away to create bridges, as well as bone shrinkage from wearing dentures.

Julie Power underwent teeth implant treatment with dentists4implants�expert Peter Sanders of Southampton. She credits the implants with giving her a new lease of life, �For as long as I can remember I had problems with my teeth. I wouldn�t look at people, never had photographs taken and was in constant pain. Since I had the implants placed I haven�t stopped smiling... and there are photos of me with my family on my walls at home.�

Keith Morgan, a patient of Nigel Jones in Abergavenny, who can also be found through dentists4implants, had lived with uncomfortable, ill-fitting dentures for 45 years before discovering the joy of tooth implants. He said: �For the first time I can eat anything and feel safe. False teeth float about in your mouth and I could not get a firm grip on them. There were also lots of things I couldn�t eat because bits go under them. But the implants just feel as if they are part of my mouth.�

More people will now find their lives improved, thanks to dentists4implants,�Patients are put in direct contact with their nearest dental implantologist, and can book a consultation online. The website contains plenty of information on the implant procedure, answers to frequently asked questions and testimonials from patients who have already undergone treatment.