Aesthetic and stable tissue contour


A 41 year old male was self-referred regarding an upper left central incisor which was regularly coming loose. After detailed examination, a vertical root fracture was diagnosed, so the tooth had a hopeless prognosis.


Following detailed discussion with the patient, it was decided to restore the tooth with an implant supported crown. Provided good primary fixation could be obtained, immediate placement with early restoration could be achieved.

According to Dr Barry Tibbott, “Early placement of the definitive abutment means there is no further soft tissue disturbance. The prototype crown allows soft tissue contouring during the integration phase.”

At the surgery appointment a three walled defect with a considerable buccal bone loss was noted. However, there was sufficient bone apically and palatally. The implant was placed with simultaneous autogenous bone grafting obtained from the nasal spine area.  

The resorbable membrane was held in place under the buccal and palatal flaps and by the sulcus former. Transmucosal closure was achieved. Five days later the abutment and provisional restoration were placed.

After a three month period to allow for osseointegration, the definitive restoration was placed.  The patient was referred back to his own GDP for continuing maintenance with a covering letter explaining the treatment.

Dr Tibbott concluded, “The Ankylos system provides excellent primary stability and the implant/abutment connection is shifted away from the bone regeneration area. The final result has produced an aesthetic and stable hard and soft tissue contour.’’

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