Patient Quote

"I am nearly 65 years old and had a terrific fear of dentists - I could cry just knowing I had to go. The teeth in my lower jaw were becoming loose and having no option went to another dentist who said at my age what did I expect and my jaw bone would not hold my teeth and they would all fall out and I would have to have a denture. I was devastated.

I phoned around and went to see a number of dentists about implants. I was about to give up - one more phone call I was lucky enough to phone Alan at the Billericay branch and what a difference. I told him the problem and he was so positive, light hearted and friendly for the first time I felt more confident.

They scan all patients at their Harold Wood branch where I met Andrew. What a good job. I had a cyst in my jaw bone which had eaten a hole through the bone and made matters more complicated as it had exposed the nerves in my face and I could not have a bone implant but all the time Alan and Andrew were still confident they could help me.

I told them I was scared out of my brains and they promised me that I would not feel any pain through the procedure which took 5 hours and 40 minutes.

 My lower teeth were extracted

 Titanium frame made and fitted in the mouth

 Titanium acrylic bridge fitted

 Implants placed immediately

All this work was carried out on the same day and I walked out with a full lower set of teeth. Alan and Andrew were true to their word, I had no pain not only during but after the procedure.

The aftercare had been absolutely fantastic. I consider I am one of the most critical people around and I cannot fault the care and attention I have received. I cannot thank Alan and Andrew enough. Not once did they mention my age nor my vanity as an oap - they have taken away my fear of dentists."

Sue, Romford, Essex

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