Patient Quote

"I'd had tried bridges, but after several gum problems, it had got to the point that I only had four good teeth remaining. I went to Dental Confidence to discuss having a full set of implants - and I am so glad I did. They have changed the whole way I feel about myself. It has now been seven years since I had them fitted.

As soon as the implants were placed, I felt liberated and confident. Now, people have no idea I have implants, they just assume I have good teeth.

The customer service at Dental Confidence couldn't be better. They are so helpful with any questions or problems, and the aftercare is wonderful. I trust them implicitly. They offer all the advice, help and support you need and are all such a warm and friendly team.

I was also so impressed with Dr Sanders' technical ability. He really is a first class dentist. His ability to make teeth, not only look nice, but to fit and work perfectly to suit each person, is amazing.

I'm absolutely delighted with my teeth. I feel attractive again. At the time of having implants it may seem expensive, but really, over time you reduce your dental bills - and it's not long before you've caught up - so it pays off in the long run!"

Anna Collings, Cornwall

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