Best long term fixed treatment

A female patient was referred by her general practitioner who was interested in learning how to restore dental implant cases. The patient had suffered a series of failed post crowns. A root fracture was quickly diagnosed.

Dr Ross Cutts recalls, �The patient wanted the best long term fixed treatment, without affecting the largely untouched adjacent teeth. It was agreed that an implant-retained crown was the best option.�

Six weeks after the removal of the tooth root, an ANKYLOS A11 implant was placed. A temporary bridge was re-cemented and the implant left for twelve weeks to integrate fully. During the healing phase the abutments were chosen and the laboratory made an acrylic seating jig, temporary crown and metal coping. All fitted precisely.

Dr Cutts explains, �When the patient returned, we made a small H-shaped incision to expose the implant fixture and placed the permanent abutment. The metal coping was then tried in for fit and found to be perfect. A temporary crown was cemented to help develop the emergence profile � the shape of the gum around the restoration.�

The gum was allowed to mature over the next six weeks, at which point a permanent crown was placed. Ross said, �The patient was extremely happy and could not believe how simple the process had been. The referring dentist was present throughout the restorative phase. The practice now restores their own cases.�