Best long-term solution

A female patient was referred with a suspected root-fractured upper right lateral incisor. Both the incisor and adjacent canine were decoronated in a fall four years earlier. Both teeth were root filled and post crowned, and the incisor crown had been re-cemented the upper right lateral crown multiple times.

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A thorough examination confirmed the root fracture, and all treatment options were discussed. According to Dr Neil Cooper, �The patient wanted to have the tooth replaced with an implant and to improve the appearance of the adjacent canine crown.� Dr Cooper agreed that an implant would provide the best long-term solution.

The tooth was removed atraumatically and provisionalised using a cantilever bridge from the upper right canine. An Ankylos A11 implant was placed in the available bone using a delayed loading protocol.

Following uneventful healing, the implant was exposed and a transfer impression was taken to allow the definitive zirconia abutment and copings to be fabricated. A provisional implant crown was used to help generate good gingival architecture. After maturation, the final impressions were taken and the two zirconia crowns fitted.

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Dr Neil Cooper concluded, �The patient�s thin, scalloped bio-type, coupled with her high smile line presented an aesthetic challenge. However, Ankylos�s unique implant-abutment interface and the use of a zirconia abutment and crowns exceeded the patient�s expectations.�

The patient is smiling confidently once more and has been returned to her GDP for routine care.