Claire gets her smile back

Claire hated her two front teeth which she had knocked badly as a child.  Despite receiving the very best treatment from a number of specialists, these two teeth had come to the end of their time.  They looked dreadful and with Claire’s high lip line, she showed them every time she smiled.  Her simple solution had been to just stop smiling!

As nothing more could be done for these teeth, her dentist sought an opinion regarding their replacement.  Tony Rose, of Oasis Dental Care in Sevenoaks, referred Claire to Dr Bill Schaeffer at The Implant Centre, Haywards Heath. Everyone agreed that the best treatment option was dental implants.

The two teeth were removed, followed by a short period of healing. Dr Schaeffer then placed two ANKYLOS® implants along with some minor bone grafting.  The positioning of the implants was critical to ensure that the patient’s general practitioner would be able to restore them both with simple screw-retained crowns.

After eight weeks for integration, Tony took impressions and a fortnight later he fitted the crowns.  He commented, “I never realised that aesthetic implant cases could be so easy to restore.  The abutments and crowns come bonded together in a single seamless unit.  All that was needed was for me to tighten two screws and the case was finished.  No cement to worry about and no risk of a grey gumline!  Both the patient and I are delighted.”

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