Fractured roots replaced with immediate implants


Mr L was referred by his general dental practitioner in Danbury Essex, after his front bridge failed due to root fracture. He presented wearing a temporary partial denture that he was keen to replace. The treatment consisted of removal of the fractured roots and immediate placement of two Ankylos implants.


According to Dr Andrew Moore, “Excellent primary stability was achieved, so the abutments were attached to the implants. The partial denture was hollowed and the plate was cut away. The denture teeth where then cemented as a temporary bridge.”

Three months later, impressions where taken for the final porcelain bonded bridge. After the treatment had been completed, the patient was returned to his regular dentist for ongoing care. Commenting on the experience, he said, “I’m delighted with the whole procedure, I can’t believe how quick and easy the treatment was.”

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