Ideal for missing canines

A patient was referred by her GDP in Ringwood for advice and treatment to her retained deciduous canine teeth, which were becoming loose.  Examination showed that both teeth had short roots and needed to be removed.


The patient decided that she would like implant-supported crowns to replace the canines as the teeth either side of the gap had no fillings. According to Dr Graham Browning, ‘implant crowns are ideal replacements for missing canine teeth as you can get canine guidance on the implant crowns, although you have to remove all non-working side interferences.’

Impressions were taken, along with a facebow and occlusal records.  From the articulated casts the interferences were identified and two immediate resin-retained bridges were fabricated. 

At the following appointment, the deciduous canines were removed, two ANKYLOS A14 implants placed and the resin-retained bridges fitted to fill the gaps. Dr Browning explained, ‘patients as they are referred to me because they do not want dentures, so I always try and provide a fixed temporary during their implant treatment.’


Three months later, the resin-retained bridges were removed for impressions and then replaced. Two weeks later, the final crowns were placed on balanced posterior abutments. The patient was returned to her GDP confident that her canines were not about to fall out and happy with her new smile.

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