Implant supported bonded bridge


A 35 year old lady was referred by a dentist in North London for dental implants to replace a removable partial denture which she was very unhappy to wear. Her two central and left lateral incisor teeth had been extracted eight months previously, due to periodontal disease and drifting.


According to Dr Waseem Noordin, ‘It was evident there was adequate bone height and width for implant placement, following a thorough assessment of the entire dentition and a CT scan of the edentulous ridge. A staged approach was planned because of the aesthetic demand due to the patient’s high lip-line. Some palatal soft tissue could be manipulated labially at the exposure stage for a better aesthetic outcome.’

A surgical stent was constructed from the diagnostic wax-up. Two ANKYLOS Plus implants were placed. Impressions of the implant head position were taken at this stage. The technician could then appropriately modify the balanced posterior abutments, and construct the metal work and the temporary bridge.


After three months of healing the implants were exposed. Definitive abutments were attached and a three-unit temporary bridge fitted, to contour the soft tissue in order to obtain a good emergence profile. Six weeks later the metal pick-up impressions were done and the final three-unit bonded bridge fitted.

The patient was very pleased with the result and was delighted to get rid of her removable denture. She was returned to the referring dentist on completion of her treatment.

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