New smile for the big day

A dentist in Croydon referred a 33 year old female patient with a loose crown restoring her central incisor. �She was due to get married shortly, and was keen to have a nice smile for the big day.

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On closer examination, it was discovered that the tooth underneath the crown had fractured at gum level and was not restorable. The various treatment options were discussed, and the patient decided that she would prefer a single-tooth implant.� The tooth was removed atraumatically, using periotomes, and an ANKYLOS A14 implant was immediately placed. �

According to Dr Vasant, �This implant has a good track record for providing outstanding aesthetics and predictable results.� Its design incorporates a morse taper connection, progressive thread and a rough exterior, including the occlusal surface.� These features ensure a very tight bacterial seal, excellent osseointegration and retention.�

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The patient was very pleased to have a temporary bridge during the integration phase, so that she would not go home with a gap. Three months later, the implant was restored with a natural-looking crown. �She was delighted with the result and thrilled with the difference it made to her wedding photos.

The patient was returned to the referring dentist for routine care and the implant will be monitored annually by Dr Vasant for two years.� She has since decided to have another implant, to replace a missing back tooth.