Referring dentist involved in implant

After breaking a post in the upper right lateral incisor, a 42 year old male patient was referred by his general practitioner for an implant opinion. �A full case assessment showed that the root was fractured and the best treatment option was replacement with an implant. �Delayed implant placement was necessary due to an area of infection and the compromised buccal bone.


Dr Ali recalls, �The root was extracted as carefully as possible with the use of periotomes. �The site was than left to heal for six months until the soft tissues and bone were stable enough for implant placement.�

An Ankylos A11 implant was placed, with good primary stability, and healing was uneventful. �A 7.5 degree angled abutment was selected and a transitional crown was used to shape the soft tissues. �This was followed by a straightforward conventional impression of the abutment to make a definitive crown.


After attending a R�LAX event, the referring dentist was involved in the final stage to make the crown.� He felt that this was an excellent way of becoming involved in implant dentistry and offering the service to his own patient list.

Dr Ali explains, �ANKYLOS is my preferred system as I find the tissue response to be excellent, while maintaining the bone levels and giving the patient a predictable and long lasting result. �My referring dentists who restore implants find it to be a straightforward system to use with a simple restorative kit and components.�

The patient was delighted with the result as it was fixed in place, felt comfortable and looked good. �He was returned to the referring dentist for routine care and attends Dr Ali once a year for monitoring of the implant.