Simple Restoration of Single Tooth Implant

More and more general dental practitioners are undertaking the restorative phase of common implant treatments for their own patients.  This case demonstrates the ease of the restorative steps involved with the Ankylos implant system.

A 64 year old male patient was referred with a gap.  His lower right first molar had been extracted over a year previously and the site had completely healed.  Options for replacing the tooth were discussed, including a partial denture.  Dr Simon Belford explains: “The patient decided to have a dental implant, as he wanted a fixed solution which gave him the function of a real tooth.

A crestal incision was made and a B11 Ankylos implant was placed.  The implant had excellent primary stability and a sulcus former was fitted at the same visit.  The patient returned ten days later for suture removal.  He had not encountered any problems or discomfort.

The sulcus former was removed and a post was connected for an ‘open tray’ impression in an ordinary rigid plastic stock tray.  The abutment was customised by the laboratory.  The metal work was constructed from milled titanium for an excellent, seamless fit.

The abutment was orientated with a GC resin jig, then seated into the implant and secured with a torque wrench.  The screw access hole in the abutment was blocked out with some gutta percha.  The crown was fixed onto the abutment with retrievable cement.

Dr Belford recalls: “The patient was extremely pleased with the restoration of function and the aesthetics obtained.  He was surprised at the ease of both the surgical and restorative aspects of the treatment.”  The patient subsequently returned for the restoration of two more missing teeth with implant retained crowns.