Patient Quote

"I had a bridge at the front of my upper jaw which was giving me problems and the teeth to which the bridge was attached had become unsound. In addition I had two teeth in my lower jaw that needed extracting.

It was recommended that I have the bridge and the teeth in my upper jaw removed with the exception of one tooth in either side of my jaw which would be root filled and then ground off flush with the gum. The purpose of this was to stabilise the jaw shape in preparation for an implanted denture.  Dental implants were placed into position in my upper gum and after a period of time these were used to form the foundation for my denture. The two teeth in the lower jaw were removed and replaced by implanted teeth. The denture was made and fitted and great care was taken to ensure that the fit was perfect and comfortable.

I did not like the idea of having a denture at all and during the process of completing all the work involved and to ensure that I was never without teeth a conventional denture was provided. The implanted denture was so much more comfortable. There really is no comparison, there is nothing to show that gives away the fact that one has a denture and it feels so firm and secure. I have only had the denture for three weeks but I have got so used to it that I have complete confidence in it and it is so very comfortable."

John Snape, Ampfield, Hampshire

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