Patient Quote

"I had had a bridge on my front teeth for a number of years and in August last year it broke. I went for an emergency appointment to my dentist at The Old Rectory Practice in Newton Purcell, only to be told that a new bridge was now impractical as the teeth supporting it were not strong enough any more and I was referred to Chris Wood for implants.

Being very nervous of this procedure, Chris guided me through every step of the way. Two teeth were removed and the roots of two others, and two plugs were inserted into the gum to see if they would be accepted. A temporary denture was then fitted while we waited to see if the bone would accept all this. After a few weeks the posts were screwed in and a temporary bridge fitted. I then had to wait for the implants to be made. At the end of it all, these implants look and feel like my real teeth. At no time was I in any pain whatsoever, and Chris was at the end of the phone if I needed him.

I am now not afraid of eating and chewing normally and it has been worth the wait and money to look normal again. I would have no hesitation in recommending Chris and his team for the professional care received."

Tony Walton,Bicester, Oxfordshire

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